The entire project as it appears in the Huntington Exhibition has been completed in my two story 500 square foot garage/studio in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California.  As we neared the end of filming for this phase, there was barely room to turn around in the workspace.  Aside from the stage and the many characters occupying it, we had all of our lights, camera set ups and the iMac that captures the animation crammed into it and with two of us in there we could barely move without knocking into the equipment or one another.  In addition to the size, we were working in a completely blacked-out environment for the animation.  Of necessity, we wore panther hats, something of a cross between a miner’s helmet and a baseball cap, that we switched on while moving the figures between shots and adjusting camera settings.  If the project is to continue, we will almost certainly need to locate a much larger work space…or make much smaller figures.

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