The Story of an Artist’s Fevered Dream That Turned Into His Life’s Work

Piece-by-piece, sculptor John Frame is building a fantasy world and a fantastic tale. But not even he knows how it ends.

He had all but given up on making art. In 2004, following two decades busily making art in Los Angeles, John Frame was slogging through what would turn into a brutal 5-year creative dry spell. Known primarily as a sculptor, Frame is in fact a master of many trades — critic David Pagel once wrote, “If John Frame were in the movie business, he would be a costume designer, stylist, set decorator, prop master, lighting specialist, writer, director, editor, producer, agent and publicist all rolled into one.” All that creative potential, and yet a long line of false starts marched straight into the garbage. Read More…

Written by: Doug Bierend. Editor @vantageeditors. Formerly @Wired. Covering social aspects of tech and media, whatever that means. Bylines at Bright, Vice, Motherboard, Atlantic, others.

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