The Photographs and Funding for the Film

As has been mentioned in other locations on my website, we are trying to maintain total control of and creative freedom for the entire project.  Part 1 of the Tale, “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale” consists primarily of the figures themselves and a few basic sets.

Part two of the Tale will focus heavily on film work that will utilize the characters in multiple, newly created scenes.

Many of these scenes have been storyboarded and are ready to go. At this time however, no funding exists for us to be able to continue the filming at a serious level. We are seeking the necessary resources through multiple avenues including grants and private foundations.

The Available Photographs are the one area where we hope to be able to generate some revenue.

We will be adding some smaller more affordable images sometime very soon in the hope that we can make them available to a much larger audience.   I would like to thank those individuals who have purchased photographs for helping us to keep the film alive and edging forward.  Even though our crew is small, it is proving surprisingly difficult to keep even my editor/son-in-law, Johnny Coffeen on board.  If you are interested in the photographs, please check back to see the new images that we will be adding from time to time.

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