A Workman’s House

In 1986 we purchased the house we currently live in for almost no money by today’s standards. It was a fairly simple ranch-style structure with brown plywood siding.  Over the course of our 25 years here I have completely reworked it with my own hands, including the replacement of all of the siding and all but two of the windows. I built the decks, carport, fences, screened in porch, most of the cabinets and all of the bookshelves; of which there are about a dozen scattered around the house.  In addition, I converted the two-car over/under garage into my studio upstairs and workshop below.  I think of myself primarily as a Workman/Artist who has been able to get lots of time in the studio primarily due to the support of my wife Laura who had a steady teaching job until last year.  I think of the house as a discreet work of art that has been quite slow in the making. We feel incredibly fortunate in being able to share it with our family and friends who are here often.

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