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    Lyric Opera of Chicago 2017-18 Review – Faust: Frame’s Unique Concepts Combine With Glorious Singing From Ailyn Pérez & Ben Bernheim There’s probably a clear dividing line on this production. If you prefer a grand opera like “Faust” to be grand in terms of tradition and that sort of thing, then this probably wasn’t for…

  • Daily Herald

    Daily Herald

    Lyric Opera’s new ‘Faust’ a visual bounty of John Frame’s surreal art The Lyric Opera of Chicago would never rebrand Charles Gounod’s “Faust” as “John Frame’s Faust.” But the California-based artist and production designer warrants top billing as his surreal sculptures and macabre animations dominate director Kevin Newbury’s new symbol-filled staging of the classic 1859…

  • Splash Magazine

    Splash Magazine

    The Lyric Opera’s Fabulous Faust – Must Be Seen to Be Believed I am actually still processing everything I saw on stage at this opera.  It’s one of those things so rich in detail and imagination that you’d most likely have to see it multiple times to get everything that went into it. Other than…



    A kind of twisted, egotistical apotheosis: Faust in Chicago At the Lyric Opera of Chicago this month, Faust is a frustrated artist, whose own carvings and objets come to life to torment him. This new production is the result of a unique collaboration between visual artist John Frame (whose artwork and guiding aesthetic shaped the…

  • Academy Award for The Swan Girl

    Academy Award for The Swan Girl

    An artist is mysteriously held captive in a workshop where he creates complex characters in an attempt to communicate with his past. World premiered at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption and earned a 2016 Student Academy Award. Production Design: John Frame. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences  has given Johnny Coffeen one of…

  • New York Times

    New York Times

    Stop. Snap. Move. Repeat for, Oh, 10 or 20 Years. Stop-Motion Animation: ‘Goodnight Molly,’ ‘Halfland’ By ROBERT ITO | Published: May 18, 2012  |  The original article is here FOR the last seven years, John Frame has been working on a film in his home in Wrightwood, Calif. Its cast includes a cockeyed skeleton, a bespectacled…

  • Artist John Frame’s Introspective Mountain Cabin

    Artist John Frame’s Introspective Mountain Cabin

    Photographer/Writer Jessica Isaac visited our home and put this set of shots and observations about the house together for Apartment Therapy in February of 2016.  Laura and I were very grateful for the care and attention she gave the house that we have lived and worked in for the past 30 years or so.  See…

  • Los Angeles Times

    Los Angeles Times

    A theatrical world strangely like ours At John Frame’s ‘Enigma Variations’ exhibition in Long Beach, pieces challenge viewers to discover their secrets. February 05, 2005 | David Pagel  |  Original article is here If John Frame were in the movie business, he would be a costume designer, stylist, set decorator, prop master, lighting specialist, writer,…

  • With a “LITTLE MAN” created by John Frame, Metallica 3D Concert Film “Through the Never” Opens in iMax Theaters Nationwide

    With a “LITTLE MAN” created by John Frame, Metallica 3D Concert Film “Through the Never” Opens in iMax Theaters Nationwide

    UPDATE:  I sincerely wish I could produce copies of Little Man for all of you who have made requests, but I do not own the copyright at this point, Metallica does.   For folks pursuing the subject, please contact the Metallica organization directly.  I believe they are located in the Bay Area and called “Hit…

  • John Frame INK/TED talk in Jaipur, India

    John Frame INK/TED talk in Jaipur, India

    INK2011: Power of the Journey John Frame: Sculpting visual poetry – December 8 – 11, 2011 in Jaipur, India Think of INK as a curator of contemporary oral history. We do an extensive global search to find the best ideas to invite to our events. Our cornerstone event is the annual INK Conference in association…

  • John Frame at DreamWorks

    John Frame at DreamWorks

    “THREE FRAGMENTS OF A LOST TALE SCREENED AT DREAMWORKS” On Tuesday of this week Johnny Coffeen and I had the good fortune to spend several hours on the DreamWorks campus in Burbank.  A few of the folks lucky enough to work there had seen the exhibition at the Huntington and were interested in having me…

  • The Seattle Times

    The Seattle Times

    Artlandia: A cultural getaway in Portland By Michael Upchurch | Seattle Times arts writer At the Portland Art Museum, the Mark Rothko exhibit includes 45 works of the highly regarded 20th-century painter who spent part of his life in Portland. Cultural life is singularly concentrated in Portland. Walk just 20 blocks and you can hit most…

  • The Huffington Post

    The Huffington Post

    Inside the Huntington’s Boone Gallery are 35 completed characters, multiple sets and a working theatrical stage that have been hewn from Frame’s imagination over the past five years. “Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together” John Ruskin On the opening day of “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale:…

  • PDX Talk

    PDX Talk

    On March 18, 2012,  California sculptor, filmmaker, and photographer John Frame shared thoughts on his work and the fantastical world of Three Fragments of a Lost Tale before a sold out crowd at the Portland Art Museum. (I really enjoyed doing this talk at the Portland Art Museum. If you want to hear me give a broad…

  • Sketching for Animation

    Sketching for Animation

    Peter Parr’s excellent new book includes a four page spread of my sketches showing how the Grass Scene in “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale” was put together. Find it on Amazon.  It is an honor to have been included.  Thanks Peter!

  • The Story of an Artist’s Fevered Dream That Turned Into His Life’s Work

    The Story of an Artist’s Fevered Dream That Turned Into His Life’s Work

    Piece-by-piece, sculptor John Frame is building a fantasy world and a fantastic tale. But not even he knows how it ends. He had all but given up on making art. In 2004, following two decades busily making art in Los Angeles, John Frame was slogging through what would turn into a brutal 5-year creative dry…

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