Reviews of Faust at Lyric Opera of Chicago, March 2018

Faust Chicago Press Reviews. *Reviews at or near the end of the run.

  1. *Daily Herald (Natalia Dagenhart)  3-20-18
  2. SCHMOPERA  (Hannah De Priest)  3-6-18
  3. OperaWire  (Santosh Venkataraman)   3-7-18
  4. Daily Herald (Scott C. Morgan)  3-6-18
  5. Splash Magazines (Suzanne Magnuson)  3-8-18
  6. Bachtrack  (Katherine Syer)  3-20-18
  7. *Theater in Chicago  (Overview of Reviews)   3-21-18
  8. Seen and Heard International  (James L. Zychowicz)  3-3-18
  9. Buzz Center Stage (John Accrocco)  3-6-18
  10. Chicago Theater and Arts  (Jodie Jacobs)  3-8-18
  11. Chicago Stage Review (Venus Zarris)  3-7-18
  12. Spotlight on Lake (Jeffrey Leibham)  3-13-18
  13. Classical Voice North America  (Lawerence B. Johnson)  3-6-18
  14. Loyola Phoenix  (Emma Ingrassia)  3-14-18
  15. Haute Tempered (Molly Tullis)  3-16-18
  16. NewCity Stage (Aaron Hunt)  3-8-18
  17. Crain’s Chicago Business  (Graham Meyer)  3-9-18 Top Ten Classical Performances to Catch (Faust #1)(Fellow Travelers)
  18. Chicago Tribune (John von Rhein) (Pre) 3-7-18
  19. Chicago Sun-Times  (Nancy Malitz) (Pre)  3-2-18
  20. Chicago on the isle (Nancy Malitz)  3-8-18
  21. The Chicago Maroon (Jade Yan)  3-6-18
  22. Windy City Times (Kerry Reid)  3-5-18
  23. Daily Herald (Scoitt C. Morgan)(Pre)  2-28-18
  24. Opera Warhorses (William)  3-12-18
  25. El BeiSMan  (Leon Leiva Gallardo)  3-6-18
  26. Chicago Reader (Deanna Isaacs)  3-15-18

Academy Award for The Swan Girl

An artist is mysteriously held captive in a workshop where he creates complex characters in an attempt to communicate with his past. World premiered at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption and earned a 2016 Student Academy Award. Production Design: John Frame.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences  has given Johnny Coffeen one of this year’s Academy Awards for Student Directed Films for his work on “The Swan Girl.”  The 15 minute short is an experimental live action/stop-motion production in the Alternative category,  and was one of 17 films worldwide to be receive the Award in 2016.  This was Coffeen’s MFA film at the David Lynch Film School.  In addition to Directing and Editing the film, Coffeen co-wrote the Screenplay with artist John Frame. Frame is credited for Production Design, Animation, Score and Acting in the film.

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