An Exhibition in Search of a Venue

Now that Part One of the Tale of the Crippled Boy has closed at the Huntington in San Marino, we are officially in search of a venue for it to move on to.  Help in reaching out to locations outside of Southern California would be sincerely appreciated.  My hope is that we can find a museum somewhere on the eastern seaboard that will be interested in taking it on.  For the moment, the project is returning to my studio with no trips to other parts of the world planned.

In the meantime, I (and our tiny crew of Laura and Johnny) plan to get back to work on Part Two just as soon as we can regroup and scratch together enough resources  to upgrade our equipment and add some necessary components.  Several talented individuals have approached us to offer their services when we begin shooting again and we have kept a careful list of names and skills.  Our only current limitation is the usual one (money) and we are planning to start putting grant applications together very soon.  Should any real funding for the project materialize, we will definitely plan on putting a small crew together to move forward with additional set construction, animation and the general business of trying to bring something new into the world.

Anyone with specific skills relating to the production of Part II of the Tale who would interested in sharing our passion for invention and creative freedom, should drop us a line letting us know what you can do.

Again, we are adrift on the Sea of Uncertainty for the moment with no destination for either Part I or Part II  but, for reasons I don’t fully understand, I believe we will somehow be able to find our way to the goal of continuing to tell the Tale.

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